Sacred Sessions

Cannabis + Yoga

Sacred Sessions is a private event for those interested in holistic healing and spiritual growth, through the use of cannabis and yoga.  Cannabis is an ancient medicine that has been utilized by man for thousands of years, sadly, a veil of untruths has been pulled over our eyes. Sacred Sessions aims to remove this veil, and expose the underlying beauty and splendor of plant medicine.

Each session features King Harvest cannabis oils, which are arguably some of the best oils on the market at this moment.  By providing quality whole-molecule, whole plant medicine, to people who are open enough to acknowledge the healing  properties of this plant, we create a sacred space for spiritual and physical growth.


Each attendee has the option to purchase King Harvest oils, and consume them prior to restorative yoga.  This allows for a deep calming of the brain and neurological system, and a heightened state of physical and emotional presence and calm.  The bio-chemical reactions that happen in the body following the consumption of cannabis oil are amplified when coupled with conscious breath and movement.  The goal behind Sacred Sessions is to crate a time and space for deep and profound healing and expansion of consciousness.